Sunday, August 4, 2019


It is indeed a long, hot, languorous summer,
 but we are NOT just lazing around down here
in the Delta!


Fields of sunflowers are seen intermittently in the Delta, serving as a fall attraction for doves..

Sunflower Night
Vara Collection

We have been working in the potager 
AND working on fabrics.

My little potager aka kitchen garden on the Coldwater River

Queen Bee and Riverbank Cacophony
Coldwater Collection
We have so many beautiful bees AND hummingbirds in the potager every day!

Sadly, only my treasured roses have
 not flourished.
I planted them too late, 
but I have my 
Double Delight and
 Ring of Roses (read on for this one) fabrics
to console me until next spring.

Double Delight
Floradora Collection

One of our Mod Chintzes
Inspired by my absolute favorite rose

We now have 300+ boutique Art Fabric patterns
in ten collections
available to our design clients
and To The Trade.
Every one of them is
 inspired by elements around me,
designed in the Delta,
and produced in the United States.

Grassy Fields
Coldwater Collection

Pearl Girl
Grayton Collection

Here are just a few of our brand new fabrics 
that we have just added to our line.

Winter Wood
Coldwater Collection

Planting Time
Coldwater Collection

Carolina Blue Heaven
Carolina Collection

Ice House
Capital Collection

Modern Art
Mod Collection

Coldwater Collection

Peach Orchard
Fruitstand Collection

Sister's Gilded Garden
Floradora Collection

The design of a home or a business
 should help tell an authentic story.
Each of our fabric patterns tells a story
and can be used to help tell your story
 or your client's story.

We are working diligently to get them all on line
for your easy viewing.

In the meantime,
please contact us
for more information or samples, 
and of course if you want to
  hear the story behind any of our fabrics.

Thanks so very much to our friends at Delta Magazine 
for including us and our 
MS Design Maven boutique Art Fabrics
 in a recent issue of their
authentically Delta magazine.

Golden Buckle
Coldwater Collection
This one has a TRULY great story!

And we are also so appreciative of the inimitable 
Patricia Hart McMillan and Schiffer Publishing
for including us 
in her beautiful book
Christmas by Design.

We are now working on our very own book
about authentic, personal, earthy elegant design and it includes lots of MS Design Maven boutique Art Fabric!!!!
So VERY excited!!!!

Don't forget to check out our mini design showroom 
now open in Oxford's Mustard Seed
just in time for fall projects.

And always, our clients make my heart sing! 
Thanks to each of them for loving and trusting.
 We are working on some 
especially fabulous projects for them using 
MS Design Maven boutique Art Fabrics!

Orient Express
Grand Tour Collection

Pink Pal
Coldwater Collection

Orange Trellis
Floradora Collection

Ring of Roses
Floradora Collection

Floradora Collection

One of our Mod Chintzes

Grand Tour Collection
Somehow makes me want to sip an Aperol Spritz or Six

Anna Ruth and Frankie
Coldwater Collection

Country Canna
Florodora Collection
One of our Mod Chintzes

English Court
Grand Tour Collection

Pretty Maids All In A Row

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