Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hot AND Shady, Barbara Kaslow Designs

(NOTE:  OK, we are NOT currently in a HEATWAVE.  
I have been away. 
 I hope you HAVE noticed. 
I had nearly completed this blog post just before my beloved Daddy passed away very unexpectedly last summer.  It has been my toughest period ever filled with great losses of loved ones and tragedy, my oldest son had a catastrophic car accident in late December (thankfully he is well on the road to complete recovery),
 and I have had writer's block,
 but I am finally back, and going to go ahead and post this unseasonably.
I think you will enjoy it anyway!
I hope better late than never, Barbara.
And of course, in these parts, we ARE just around the corner from yet another


Today is the third day with 
actual temps over 100, and 
the heat index hit 106 yesterday.

I'm thinking SHADE . . .

Daddy, my son Trainor, and I stood on the balcony of Oak Alley and enjoyed this,
 one of my favorite views anywhere.


(Like the shady, old oaks and cool shady caladiums at Oak Alley Plantation 
down the road AND the bayou in Louisiana)

Sun SHADE(s),

SHADES at the beach,

Which SHADE do you prefer?

And since design is NEVER off my mind . . .

 window SHADES 

and of course 
lamp SHADES!

I am ALWAYS trying to spot 
the perfect SHADE.
Lots of times that means
 I need to have one made.

Along with my friend and
 fellow BlogFest 2012 attendee and designer/blogger
 Sarah O'Neill
of Storibook Designs,

Sarah adorned in one of Barbara's fabulous, hand feathered shades

I recently spent a cool, rainy morning 
(boy I am wishing for that now!)
New York designer
 Barbara Kaslow and her
 fabulous custom SHADES.
THEY were hot!

Barbara donning another of her fabulous, hand feathered shades




Barbara generously shared her 
creative process in detail

with Sarah and me, from her sketching . . .

to her transfer of designs to blocks . . .

to the final designs, these on papers.

Barbara actually freehandedly paints many of the lampshades.

Barbara with the block she used to hand print this shade

This was one of my favorite of many of Barbara's fantastic handmade shades.
This one was printed with one of her hand cut blocks.

Barbara painted these shades freehanded.

Her art, her shades, have been 
featured nationwide and internationally in 
publications like House Beautiful.

Barbara's sweet baby Angel napped while we chatted.
He has it 'made in the shade' so to speak!

And by the way, did you notice that those northeastern 'partying with 
shades on their heads'
 girls Barbara and Sarah 
failed to catch 'lil ole southern me 
with a  lampshade on my head!
I guess I am just too cool
 even if I'm not 'in the shade'!

My new green shades for the St. Patrick's Day Parade Saturday

For more of Barbara Kaslow's fabulous shades, visit her on Facebook HERE 
contact her here

Stay shady my friends!

photo credits: Marilyn Trainor Storey