Monday, April 28, 2014

Baker Man: Sweet Delights Delivered

I have served Baker's mini cheesecakes at my studio
for several recent events, each time to rave reviews.

I love to present them sprinkled with berries.

As I'm sure I've already told you maybe more than once, Clarksdale is like home to me, although I have never really lived there. 

I was born in Clarksdale and lived in the neighboring Quitman County through Elementary School. 

My Mother, my Daddy, and my Grandmother Nanny were always taking us to Clarksdale for something or another, and it usually involved shopping of some sort. 

It might have been Powers for dresses, Woolworth's for sundries (and of course the candy counter), the Gift and Art Shop for decorative items (yes, I loved decor at age three), and as we got just a little older Charlie Connerly's for shoes. 

But one place we nearly always visited on every trip was Al's bakery on Delta Avenue. My sister Susan and I would get big iced and decorated gingerbread men. And we often argued about what hurt the gingerbread man least to eat first, 
the head or the arms and legs.  

On birthdays, it was always a white cake with white icing and icing roses in the current favorite color, except the year Susan had the circus cake, but that is another story for another day. 

Now I'm spending lots of my time on Delta Avenue in Clarksdale again,  
but alas beloved Al's Bakery is no more. 

But never fear, 
I have found the antidote
to my sweet tooth. 

There is a new Baker Man in town, 
long time Clarksdalian 
(who now lives in Batesville) and self-avowed sweet tooth himself, 
Baker Patton! 

Baker delivering to 233 Delta Avenue in Clarksdale.
Al's Bakery was just down the street when I was a child.

Baker is a cheesecake aficionado. 
He began making cheesecakes back in the 80's using a family recipe that his 
mother-in-law Rachel Grochau had learned from a Jewish friend of hers 
from years past in Memphis and 
had passed it down to her daughter. 

Some of the ingredients for a Baker Cheesecake

Baker admits that his 
early efforts weren't perfect. 
The cheesecakes would often crack.

 Once he had everything ready to pop in the oven in his spring form pan, but when he picked up the pan the whole thing fell apart,  ingredients flew everywhere. 

But Baker has long since perfected his cheesecake technique,
 and his business is growing. 

He has been known to make up to 10 in a day, as he did right before Christmas. 

 It takes him 20 or 30 minutes 
to mix up the cake.

Snickers Cheesecake Batter

The crust is ready!

and he bakes them
 for an hour and 30 minutes.

Baker has my Snickers and my
Godiva Chocolate Cheesecakes in the oven.

Of course the exact recipe and 
technique is a secret, but Baker does offer several tips if you want to bake your own cheesecake: 

* Use a good spring form pan
* Always spray the pan with Pam
* Make sure the very middle is cooked
* Be creative in designing and flavors

They are done, and NO cracks!

But really, why bother. 
Baker can pop right in on Delta Avenue 
or pretty much anywhere with a 
hand-made, hand-delivered 
Baker Man cheesecake. 

He has delivered cheesecakes to Jackson, and shipped them to as far as Seattle. He regularly delivers cheesecakes 
to the Como Steakhouse.  

Baker himself is a sweet delight of a man, baking cheesecakes to please others. 

He says, "I truly enjoy getting all the ingredients together for a cheesecake, knowing that the person who ordered it will be enjoying the cake soon.  Seeing the smile on their face when they taste it is a special thrill for me. That makes me smile!"

I have to say, 
I am very picky about cheesecakes. 
Baker's cheesecakes are truly perfect, neither too dense nor too airy and whipped. And the flavors are numerous and delicious. I'm pretty sure I've now tasted them all. 
 I'm definitely partial to the Godiva Chocolate and the Snickers, 

I was at my client's the other morning and she served
Baker's Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake
for our tea party.

but then again I love 
the blueberry and the plain too. 

The Blueberry Cheesecake
Baker makes the topping himself.

And of course the praline is to die for.  

The Como Steakhouse serves The Praline Cheesecake.

Baker's personal favorites are 
the plain and the Snickers.   

Baker is very happy with the Snickers Cheesecake he brought me.
It was delicious!

The Snickers Cheesecake

To order one of his 
truly fabulous cheesecakes,
contact Baker as shown below,
or feel free to get in touch with me!

Baker's Cheesecake flyer

Baker making those mini cheesecakes you saw in the first photo in this post.

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion for a Baker Man Cheesecake.

My Mother loves them!

For my Mother's 75th Birthday on April 22nd,
She requested Baker's Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake.
(No white cake with white icing this year!)

She is taking her first bite of one of his cheesecakes here.
She loves it!

And the Baker Man WILL deliver!


photo credits: Marilyn Trainor Storey, Baker Patton


  1. They are so delicious and I love the picture of your beautiful mother!

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