Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From My Heart

Oh my Luve's like a red, red rose . . .
                            -Robert Burns

Did you wear RED today?

I did.

And I wore my charm bracelet with
 HALF a heart and my cupid pendant, 
the one my father gave
 my mother a long time ago.

I love all the details of Valentine's Day . . .

Red and Pink and White

Antique Red, Pink, and White French Toile de Jouy

Lace and Feathers and HEARTS

Lovers on quilted antique French toile, ca. 1860

HEARTS are a BIG deal to me.

I am a sentimentalist and an authenticist, which I am sure you may have surmised!

I try to ALWAYS put my HEART into 
whatever I do whether it is personal task
 or my design work.

YES, I do love this celebration of HEARTS,
St. Valentine's Day . . .

and every detail and memory
associated with it.

Rosemary is for "Remembrance"
I love it for Valentine's, Christmas, and Weddings

Antique French Toile de Jouy, ca 1860
This toile with cherubs really reminds me of Valentine's Day!

I remember the excitement of making Valentine's "mailboxes" in elementary school and carefully selecting just the right valentine for each classmate . . .

Then waiting to see which ones I received!
I actually still have a box of red hots that 
a special boy gave me in the sixth grade.
Okay, I know that IS a bit overboard, 
but I can't help it!

And some of those early 1970's valentines.

By the time I was in the fifth grade, I loved to MAKE valentines.  Every year for several years, I purchased this Hallmark kit for making valentines.  

The box contained lots of goodies, including one special white feather and one special clear plastic red heart for the MOST special valentines.

I was so tempted to order this kit
 on Etsy this year!
It is a grown up version of my little 
Hallmark kit from long ago.

Antique Cotton Toile with HEART shaped strawberries in a basket.
I love strawberries all the time, but especially at Valentine's

And of course I still have every 
love letter I have ever received!

A few of them were even sealed with real wax.  I love that!

My sister Susan's birthday is in late January, so her birthday often had a HEART theme way back then.
I think of her as my HEART sister.

What do you love about Valentine's Day?

The romance?

The flowers?

Red Roses which mean love are my absolute favorites,
and I am loving carnations more for certain things like this

The chocolates?

The jewelry?

My sister Susan's ruby encrusted heart pendant 

My Mother's gold and ruby HEART bracelet
she has had since she was a child

There is one person who has literally 
held the other half of my HEART for . . . 
oh, about forty years. 

Susan and I each have half of a HEART on our charm bracelets
that we have worn for over forty years

Can you guess who it is?

Susan in her red mink

Susan, my HEART sister

Happy Valentine's Day!

What is your favorite Valentine's memory?

What is your favorite Valentine's detail?

Do you collect HEARTS?

Do you love antique toile?

photo credits: Marilyn Storey, via Little Blue Deer, Pinterest, Etsy,Susan Trainor Mincey, Elle Decor


  1. I adore everything in this post! How do you do it...

    Your post has made my day.

    xoxo, Lissy Parker

  2. Such a beautiful post.

    It truly made me smile.

    And brought back so many memories from childhood!!!

    My best memory now is meeting Susan, my fiance, a few days before Valentine's Day 5 years ago. I had a special dinner planned for The Day but we got snowed out and had to postpone getting together for a few days.

  3. Happy Valentines to you too! Your authenticity shines through every image and every word. I can only imagine the interiors that you create with your true heart. Happy February:)

  4. Happy New Year 2020! I'm trying to get a head start, or should I say a "heart start" on Valentines day this year. I've taken up paper/fabric art. . . okay, it's actually referred to as crafting but it's art!! I Googled 1970's valentines and followed the "you're my cupa tea" to your blog. So, Hello! I love, love, LOVE the old beautiful fabric and wallpaper of the french people. Lovely!I too made my own Valentines one year in school. It was either 3rd or 5th grade. My teacher (they were rather grandmotherly but scary back then) came up to me and said, "Did you make this?" I was terrified but replied "yes. ." She thought it marvelous! Ah, memories! I see this blog post is almost 8 years old! Hope you and Susan are well. God bless.


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