Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fifty Shades of Greige, Sarah Beaugez' Delta

GREIGE: being in an unbleached undyed state as taken from
a loom — 
used of textiles 
(from Merriam Webster)

GREIGE: not bleached or dyed, 
unfinished, raw ( from

EVERYONE is talking about 
Fifty Shades of Grey Greige

Well yes, the books, but I mean the

But what is GREIGE really?
Beyond the dictionary definitions above of unfinished, undyed, raw linens and
 the range of colors that 
encompass all the variations of 
grey mixed with beige . . .

from Domino

Top row, left to right: 1. Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints Mushroom, 2. Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints Silt, 3. Farrow & Ball Old White, 4. Farrow & Ball Bone, 5. Pratt & Lambert Silver Blonde, 6. Benjamin Moore Silken Pine, 7. Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe.
Middle row, left to right: 8. Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige, 9. Benjamin Moore Seapearl, 10. Benjamin Moore Grant Beige, 11.Benjamin Moore November Rain, 12. Benjamin Moore Lambskin, 13. Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies, 14. Sherwin-Williams Perfect Greige.
Bottom row, left to right: 15. Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk, 16. Benjamin Moore Bennington Gray, 17. Valspar Woodrow Wilson Putty, 18. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, 19. Sherwin-Williams Mega Greige, 20. Sherwin-Williams Windsor Greige, 21. Benjamin Moore Creamy White.

for me GREIGE is an ideal, a style,
an aesthetic that represents a move toward
 authenticity, realism, relaxed simplicity and calmness, livability, and the incorporation of nature in design, all the elements which I believe are important in designing interiors.

via Ronique Jones Gibson

via shop Greige

Edward table John Lyle Design

via Greige

Urban Outfitters

Barcelo from Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa in Taupe

via Atlanta Homes Magazine

Nubia vase John Lyle Design

The same elements which I have discovered became a part of my personal design aesthetic when I was growing up in the Mississippi Delta.  

My friend and now fellow Mississippi Deltan Sarah Beaugez captures 
all of these 'GREIGEY' elements in her photographic work, as well as the more than
 'fifty shades of the color greige'.

Sarah's water tower photo reminds me of the old water tower in my
Delta hometown of Lambert.  I drew the tower for the cover of a special project
in the fifth grade and it has always been special to me.

Like the water tower photo above, this reminds me of my Delta hometown Lambert,
originally known as Yellow Dog for the Yellow Dog Railroad that still runs through town.

I couldn't resist showing the Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa fabric again.  It works so perfectly with Sarah's photography and really reminds me of the Delta, the alluvial plane AND the river.

If you know me, you know I usually have to throw in a bit of color.
I love "Greige" mixed with
a bit of natural green.

via Greige

Heliopolis vase John Lyle Design

via Velvet and Linen

Kelly Wearstler Mineral in Juniper/Lake for Lee Jofa

And of course, Sarah does too!

For me the rich, "Greige", dusty, crusty, Delta soil and the vibrant green cotton, rice, beans, and corn are the perfect juxtaposition.

Do you like "Greige" design?

Do you like the more than 
 'fifty shades of the color greige'?
Which is your favorite?

Do you prefer all greige or greige with natural green?

See more of Sarah Beaugez' photography
Visit Sarah Beaugez on Facebook 

See Sarah Beaugez on 
Walt Grayson's "Looking Around Mississippi" 
on WLBT Channel 3, Jackson, MS


photo credits:  Sarah Beaugez, Domino, via Ronique Jones Gibson, Kathleen Clements via Greige, John Lyle Design, Atlanta Homes, Pinterest, Velvet and Linen


  1. Gorgeous photography. Thanks for introducing us to Sarah!

  2. I love this post! I now have an Oyster Grey kitchen and love it. I think the many colors of grey have a calming power in the space, but I do find myself adding color in pillows and other fun decorations.

    xo, Lissy Parker

  3. I love the color, the photography, the juxtaposition and the aesthetic - I guess I love it all!!

  4. Wow this is stunning. what a beautiful post!
    Doing a house with a lot of 'greige' currently and loving it.

  5. What a beautiful post! I love a bit of green thrown in to give it some dimension - inspired by Mother Nature as you show here!!!


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