Monday, March 10, 2014

Crimson and Clover, I'm Lucky!

(For My Dearest Sister/Friend Madge on her birthday.  I am so very LUCKY to have her!
She is an inspiration!)

Last Thursday morning, I was soaking AGAIN in Madge's big, luxurious tub. 
(Click HERE to read more about 
Madge's big tub and 
how I love to soak!)

My morning soaking/shower time is typically the only time during the day that I really just let my mind wander aimlessly.
  I let my creative juices flow as they will, unrestrained, unfettered. 
And as a result, 
it's often my epiphany time.
 I have no idea what is going to show itself!

For some reason THAT morning,
it was CLOVER. 


Clover IS lucky, 

Well at least the four leaved ones
 are supposed to be. 

The leaves on a Lucky four leaf Clover
are for Faith, Hope, LOVE, and Luck!

  Maybe I was feeling lucky?

Really lucky?

I do have a little collection
 of vintage Clover jewelry 
that I like to wear this time of year. 

I can never have too much luck. 

And I do wear men's
 "Lucky You" cologne quite a bit.  
Yes, the men's! 
 Someone I love loves it and
 suggested I try it.
 I do get lots of compliments 
when I wear it.  

And of course I have always had a penchant for Red Clover,
 as it grew in the pecan Grove in my backyard when I was growing up.
 (Click HERE to read more about 
my beloved Grove and to see my
 grandfather in Red Clover.)

We often had a flock
 of sheep grazing in the Grove.  

Even now, I get a thrill in the spring 
when the Red Clover comes up 
along the exit ramps on I 55 
in Jackson for a few short weeks. 

It's just something about that mix of the Crimson ......

Maybe it's like you ...

And the green Clover.

And Me...

I honestly couldn't stop myself from 
singing aloud in the tub.

Believe me, you do not want
 to hear me sing it,
 but click HERE to hear it. 

I confess, I did sing it 'over and over', 
and actually downloaded it on iTunes while I was in the tub. 

And I daydreamed about that color combination, Crimson and Clover. 

I do also savor my morning tea/creative time!

As you know, I love a well-defined lip

And a bold eye, sometimes THIS green. 
But would you dare combine the two?
Alas, even I probably would not!
 But aren't both of the colors 
magnificent on their own?

I'm certainly into bold earrings. 
These rubies would NEVER be wrong.  

And I would love these jade earrings with one of my concocted outfits. 
(Stunning with black, I think!)

And yes, 
 the mix of Crimson and Clover 
here would definitely work. 

I've never had a pair 
of Crimson glittery heels. 

I have had Clovery ones.  

Every springtime when I was little,
 and I watched the "Wizard of Oz" during it's once and magical yearly showing, 
 I did dream of a pair of wonderful, magic Crimson shoes like Dorothy's. 

But of course they wouldn't have been as special without the Emerald "Clover"City. 

Some bombshells wear Crimson. 

That other Marilyn!

Others wear Clover. 

Some REALLY southern girls 
wear Crimson .....

And Clover. 

And of course the Clover velvet drapes remind me of fabrics and interiors...

I'm not sure I like this one. 

But I do love the pop of a studded Crimson ottoman with this Clover. 

And the Crimson jolt of the silk pillows against the lacquered Clover walls. 

  And I  would never turn down Crimson Fortuny ....

Or Clover Fortuny, separate or together. 

I am a fan of this Bohemian interior with Crimson beams and 'Chandy'
and Clover woodwork 

And the juxtaposition of the Crimson lanterns with the Clover ceiling. 

I am into this abstract "Crimson and Clover" by Madeline Denaro.  

And this Victorian in Crimson and Clover has an appeal and ....

reminds me a bit of the Pillow-Thompson in Helena where we attended the Mardis Gras Wine Tasting to be benefit the Downtown Helena Association the very night of my "Lucky Clover" epiphany soak. 

My sister/friend Madge and
 I were VERY Lucky that night. 

Happy Birthday today, my dear friend, Madge!

We BOTH unbelievably won a door prize,  a bottle of Concannon's blended red
 "Crimson and Clover". 

I love all of you special friends!
 I am SO Lucky to have you.

Yes, we were indeed lucky with our 
Crimson and Clover 
and to have our special friends with us. 

Wishing you loads of luck and 
Clover for St. Patrick's Day.....

Over and Over, Crimson and Clover......

AND a toast with a 
"Lucky Leprechaun Cocktail".

Clover is MY Lucky Charm. 

What is yours?

And by the way, I do have vintage 
Crimson AND Clover chintzes on my bed...
I spritzed myself good with "Lucky You"
 this morning....
And I'm going to try growing a few four leaved Clovers....

I leave you for now with two Irish blessings - 

May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks.
Make your heart be as light as a song.
May each day bring you bright happy hours,
That stay with you all year long
For each pedal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way -
Health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

Lucky stars above you,
Sunshine on your way,
Many friends to love you,
Joy in work and play,
Laughter to outweigh each care,
In your heart a song,
And gladness waiting everywhere
All your whole life long!

photo credits:   Pinterest, Veranda, House Beautiful, Marilyn Trainor Storey

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