Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where Is My SUNSHINE? I Need a Burst!

Ok, I'm usually not much of a complainer, but I admit I am truly sick of all this dank, cold, dreary weather. 
 (Actually, I enjoy a gloomy, 
rainy, stormy day ONCE in a while. 
 Read about THAT HERE )

I DO live in the South. 
We are NOT supposed to have 
days and weeks of endless wintry gloom. 
 It's kind of getting to me!

I am in dire need of some
 bright, lilting SUNSHINE
I need to bake a little, 
and I don't mean cookies and cakes.  

I need warm, caressing bright YELLOW SUNSHINE.  

Oh to be swinging against a beautiful cloudless sky in a warm SUNSHINE bath!

Well, spring and the real deal SUNSHINE are hopefully on the way......

Until then, I can add a big dose of SUNSHINE to the landscape with bright, cheerful, optimistic YELLOW. 

I have really always had a thing for YELLOW.  My very first bedroom was YELLOW
 when I was a child. 

 My bedroom now is a 
custom blended YELLOW

When I was in high school, 
my mother painted our house what some would call a garish YELLOW
( I won't mention the double letter abbreviation that many 
compared the exact YELLOW to. 
 I think you can guess.). 

At the same time, My first car, a 1976 Camaro, was screaming YELLOW!
And yes, I was often screaming 
down the road, I admit.

I realized this morning that I've got to have some  YELLOW
bursting, happy, sunshiny YELLOW


I got out of my YELLOW bed

and went to my YELLOW bathroom

and bathed in my YELLOW tub

and put on my well-defined lip in YELLOW

and of course my bold eye in YELLOW

I usually don't have nails and toes that match,
 but I needed MORE YELLOW

I slipped into a nubby YELLOW sweater, perfect for another blustery day. 

 I bounded, as my mother told me just this morning, down my YELLOW stairs (Yes, that happy YELLOW was already kicking in!)

into my YELLOW accented kitchen

(Or maybe I should go for totally YELLOW!)

for one of my favorite breakfasts,
 poached eggs
(Yes, I love the gooey YELLOW centers.)

and YELLOW raspberries. 

While I was in the kitchen,

 I whipped up a batch of LEMON curd

and some homemade LIMONcello, 

You have inspired me Martha Jane Howell!

because this afternoon I'm going to enjoy sipping the LIMONcello 
and nibbling the LEMON curd tartlettes while I sit in my YELLOW chair

Or on my YELLOW sofa

Young Girl With a Yellow Sofa
Henri Matisse

Mary Douglas Drysdale uses lots of luscious YELLOW.

in my YELLOW living room 

I adore Barry Dixon!
He masterfully uses YELLOW accents here that really burst.

wearing my funky YELLOW heels

These definitely get attention!
I am not sure I could walk in them though,
but I do want them.

and reading that poignant tragedy
"The Great Gatsby" again.  
Lots of YELLOW imagery you know?  
Poor Jay!
(Stay tuned for a future post about 
my Great Gatsby confession)

I'll probably daydream a bit, 
wishing for my own great
 Valentine romance, 

one where my love would send me flowers.  

Of course if he really knew 
what makes my heart sing
 they would be roses, 
my favorite .......

or maybe something even more significant.

Yes, I need some SUNSHINE
I thought you might too ......

Happy Valentine's Day!

The SUN is coming soon!

Aren't you ready for SUNSHINE and patio weather?

I dedicate this post to my baby sister Ellen,
 with the always beautiful silky and still naturally YELLOW hair.
 My grandmother Nanny always
 called Ellen her "SUNSHINE". 


Photo credits:  Pinterest, House Beautiful, Veranda,  NONE of these are my photos (a first)

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