Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Green Tangerine, a Color Quickie

Isn't this a "feel good",
or maybe I should say a
 "feel better", painting?

These colors really perk me up!

Abstract Expressionist Painting by Spanish born, Berlin Based Yago Hortal

I have been a bit under the weather with that tickly throat,
 stuffy head thing
the past several days . . .

Too achy to even write much,
so this post will be what I am calling a
Color Quickie! 


I have been self-medicating, with extra vitamin C,
the now highly regulated in Mississippi Sudafed,
chicken noodle soup, and
what I refer to as
Ginger Ale cocktail -
all the usual suspects.

My ginger ale cocktail of course includes a burst of blast-the-cold
and the winter blahs
CITRUS, orange, Tangerine!

When I don't feel well,
citrusy Tangerine orange 
always perks me up . . .

Shades of Tangerine

(And so do bracelets!)

Lots has been written and blogged about Pantone's perk me up citrus color for 2012,
 Tangerine Tango.

Just looking at bright and lively Tangerine does make me feel better,

Fab Tangerine Kravet fabric on chair and pillow

Mona Mia Layla Peeptoe Tangerine Wedge from Lulus
Shoes always perk me up too!
I wore Tangerine pumps in the '80's.

I AM feeling a bit better resting and sipping my ginger ale and orange juice cocktail, but SOMETHING is still missing. 

My drink needs a bit more color,
so to speak.

SOMETHING is missing.
I need that little extra zip!

I need lime, lovely zesty Green,
just the zip my drink and
Tangerine need to come alive!

I am JUST a little tired of
seeing and hearing about
JUST Tangerine orange . .

 I REALLY love Tangerine, like it is found in always inspiring nature,
when it is paired WITH glorious Green.

Of course I had to include a tree!

 Dare I pair my Tangerine peep toe shoes with these Green tights like I did in the 80's or shall I just leave my perk me up color combo to the interiors?

Tabbisocks Walk It Out Green Tights from Lulus

Even the green stems of the tulips add a bit of zip!

Olga Antonovo
"Stacked Bowls with Red"

Sight for Soar Eyes Feather Earrings from Lulu's

Maybe I will just wear these little earrings or this ring!

All this Tangerine and Green
 has taken me back to
my '80's wardrobe . . .

My vintage Tangerine Silk Anne Klein blazer I wore in the '80's with Green

I rest, recuperate, and daydream, floating back, back, way back to my childhood
in the psychedelic '60's . . .

Yago Hortal
Based in Berlin, Germany

I keep humming the original bubble gum and slightly psychedelic 1967 song from those also citrusy Lemon Pipers
 "My Green Tambourine," but my version is slightly different


And I play, play, play, play, play
My Green Tangerine!

Doesn't this look so much better since I added the lime?

I'm just humming away and sipping
 My Green Tangerine.

I may even feel like eating a bite soon.

Do you like "Tangerine Tango"?

Do you like it better with Green?

Would you wear either one or both?

photo credits:  Pinterest, Marilyn Storey, Veranda, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest. House and Home, Quintessence, Tobi Fairley, LuLu's


  1. There is sooooo much to love in your post about color and not doing much because you are under the weather. First, feel better soon! Secondly, on my worse day I could not do as good as you blogging. You are just marvelous.

  2. So sorry to hear you are under the weather but clearly still well enough to pen such a fun post. You can imagine how much I loved all the orange! The green does add a little punch - and hate to admit that I of course remember My Green Tambourine - won't be able to get it out of my head now!! Feel better!

  3. I am smiling and thinking of a new painting! Cheers to you!


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