Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions: Silver and Gold, Part I

 Serve a signature party cocktail in your entry or foyer on a pretty tray or butler's table. Your party guests will love being greeted at the door with a festive cocktail, and it is an immediate ice breaker. 

Happy New Year, Dear Friends!
Welcome to MS Design Maven's
 Inaugural Virtual New Year's Party!

I hope 2012 is your shiniest and brightest
 New Year ever!

The lyrics from a little song from my years in
Marks' Girl Scouts come to mind:

"Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver and the other gold!"

As we start a brand New Year, I am so thankful for each of my old friends, as well as every one of you my new friends from
Facebook and blogging. 
You are ALL my silver AND gold.

Thanks to each of you for coming
 to my little fete.
I absolutely love to throw a party and
I do hope you enjoy what I hope will become a tradition!

My guest list is chock full of inspiring top designers and design bloggers, and I want to thank each and every one of them for taking time to share . . .

Guests we are expecting include:
Alisa Tarver Berry
Gloria De Lourdes Blalock
Beth Collier
Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Barry Dixon
Mary Douglas Drysdale
Kathryn Greeley
Greet Lefevre
John Lyle
Mary Helen McCoy
Kevin McLaughlin
Patricia Hart McMillan
Slim Paley
Lissy Parker
KathySue Perdue
Nancy Price
Raji Radhakrishnam
Joe Ruggiero
Gaye Tapp
Mona Thompson
Irene Turner

MY design resolution for 2012 is to bring people in the design community together, virtually and in person to
share ideas and camaraderie.

My first guests are arriving now and sharing their design resolutions,
 their drink for toasting in the New Year,
and their color inspiration for 2012.
(These guests are in no particular order!)

ENJOY, my silver and gold friends.
Cheers to you!

Joe Ruggiero
Designer/HGTV Host
Joe Ruggerio and Associates
Los Angeles, CA 

American Lifestyles.  
Made in America
 The Joe Ruggiero Collection

2012 COLOR
"The Naturals"
Grays and Beige


Greet Lefevre
Designer, Lefevre Interiors
Blogger, "Belgian Pearls"
Everbeek, Belgium

To design and make paneling
 for her own living room

Greet's living room currently (above) and samples of the paneling Greet
 wants to install (below) this year

2012 COLOR
Warm, Fruity Red

Greet Is Toasting In The New Year With
Her Favorite Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Lissy Parker
Designer and Blogger, Lissy Parker, LTD


My design resolution for 2012 is to add Elegance, Color and Fun to every project! 

As my design professor Gary Gay once said, “Add a little of that color that makes you happy to every room you decorate.” 

2012 COLOR
My favorite color for 2012 is Wyeth Blue, the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year, and just the yummiest blue-green ever. (I first noticed this color in historic Williamsburg, Virginia and have loved it ever since.)

 The color that makes me happy? A raspberry pink—and mind you, that’s not a hot pink! Wyeth Blue and raspberry pink will look great together.

Lissy Is Toasting In The New Year With

On New Year’s Eve, I’ll be drinking Veuve Clicquot Pink Champagne from a rosy pink Lulu—William Yeoword Champagne flute. 

Beth Collier
Designer, vanCollier
Washington, NC

 To design from the mind, and not from the eye.  Imagination is lacking in our culture and in product design.  We need to unleash the creative Spirit.

Beebe Cocktail Table from vanCollier's Ginkgo Collection

Jeannie Ottoman from vanCollier's Kountouris Collection
The debut of vanCollier in 2011 was well received.  2012 promises new designs for a New Year!  vanCollier will be introducing new materials, colors and pieces for the Spring Collection. We will be unleashing that creative Spirit!

Beth Is Toasting In The New Year With

A martini, shaken, and shaken once more!

2012 COLOR

French Aquamarine Blue like this store front
from Belgian designer Dries van Noten

Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Designer and Blogger, "Haus Design"


To take my time when choosing things for my home.  I tend to want everything to be complete as soon as possible, but I need to remind myself that it's worth the wait!  When I have purchased things as "just for now" in the past, I end up having them for much longer than intended and not being very happy.  I have learned (the hard way) that it really is better to be patient, and wait to buy just the right thing.

For example, in my next home I'd love to hold out until we can get my ideal kitchen, like this one below. 

No trade-offs, no compromises! Wait for the good stuff! This kitchen has a lot of details that make it extra special, like the ceiling, the lighting and lots of interesting nooks and crannies.

2012 COLOR

Crisp, fresh white because it  seems like interiors are getting lighter, and I think it's calming, clean and beautiful and resonates with lots of people!

  Barbara Is Toasting In The New Year With

A cranberry mojito.  I just discovered a new cocktail - and I'm not usually a cocktails kind of girl - but this one is too good to pass up. It's so fresh and festive too!

Save Room!  More Resolutions and Toasting Tomorrow!

Hope you ate your peas today!


  1. Wow, Marilyn - that's quite a line-up. I have gleened a lot of inspiration already and look forward to hearing what the others have to share in the next posts. Thanks so much for including me and all the best in 2012!

  2. Marilyn what an amazing line-up of wonderfully talented and inspiring people. Thank you so much for asking me to be part of this fun party!! I am looking forward to more inspiration.
    Happy 2012,

  3. Thank you for including me!
    This is a wonderful post!

  4. Lovely Marilyn, so honored to be featured with this list of greats! Happy New Year to you...Cheers!

  5. Marilyn, what a creative and inspirational post you have shared! Your New Year's Party is going to be a coveted invitation every year. Thank you for including me in such a wonderful post!

    xoxo. Lissy

  6. This is fun, inspiring, wonderful and a very creative way to toast the New Year. Thanks for putting it together and having such a talented group to share. Happy New Year. xo

  7. This was a wonderful idea, Marilyn. thanks for including me...I'm honored. Can't wait to see all the posts. Happy New Year! Mona

  8. I enjoyed this post greatly and for also having your blog as reference. A couple of years ago I sustained a significant head injury. One of the after affects is a loss of spacial/colour reasoning...something that I had always taken for granted. Prior to the accident, I worked on residential and commercial renovations, but look now from the sidelines. Our new home has been a challenge for these reasons, but was thrilled to find two answers to present concerns: I needed a paint colour to replace BM Mount St. Anne..hurray for Wyeth Blue!!!!, and wanted to add more depth to my walls....enter panelling!!! Thank you, for the post, and thank you for the expertise you have provided. All I can say is WHEW! All the best, Brenda.


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