Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolutions: Silver and Gold, Part IV

 Instead of going to the time and expense of making many different hors d'oeurves, concentrate on a handful of big, lovely trays and several nibbles. 

For example, a great cheese tray with a variety of cheeses and crackers, an antipasto platter, and perhaps
one hot dish with small dishes of nibbles all about.  
Nibbles are nuts (I especially love shelled pistachios), olives, cheese straws (again!), etc. 

As the New Year tilts into full swing, our last, but certainly not least,  group of divine designers and design bloggers has arrived at the party . . .

Barry Dixon
Designer, Barry Dixon, Inc. 
Warrenton, VA


I want to always tether my interior designs to the view outside the window, creating one harmonious element.

2012 COLOR

My color for 2012 is what I call "Agua",
the color you see when you fill
 a white bathtub with water,
 a light pale blue green.


And I ALWAYS love my
optimistic, happy yellows.

Barry Dixon for Vervain, Ishtar in Yellows

Barry Dixon for Vervain, Ishtar in Grey and Lemon

Barry Dixon for Vervain, Gene Stripe in Yellow Maize

Barry Is Toasting In The New Year With
Dom Perignon Champagne

It, of course, is always delicious on it's own,
but sometimes I add a bit of Italian blood orange spritzer for a little
 Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail

Nancy Price
Designer, Nancy Price Interior Design
Design Blogger, "The Room Blue"
(launching January 26, 2012)
Jackson, MS


I resolve to not be intimidated, to be more embracing, of using a more saturated palette in creating a soft, serene and soothing environment for my clients.

2012 COLOR

 A great saturated French blue with just the barest hint of green like Benjamin Moore's
Classic Color 762, Pacific Palisades


I am using this color in my new collection for Design Legacy.

It is beautiful paired with white and soft neutrals.

Nancy Is Toasting In The New Year With

LaMarca Prosecco
I cannot resist the blue!

Kathryn Greeley
Designer, Kathryn Greeley Design
Design Blogger, "The Collected Room"
Author, The Collected Tabletop
Waynesville, NC


My 2012 design resolution is to use as many exquisitely designed and manufactured products made in the USA as possible!

 Hickory Chair samples, including the pictured Elliott Chair, Artisan Curved Front Chest and the oversized Sophia Wall Mirror

I love Hickory Chair's products, and they are entering their second century of manufacturing furniture in North Carolina.

2012 COLOR

My color choice for 2012 is
cobalt/indigo blue. 
My second choice is tangerine, also known as orange with a touch of red!

Kathryn Is Toasting In The New Year With

My favorite beverage for toasting in the new year, or about anything else, is Veuve Clicquot champagne. 

And if anyone is a champagne drinker like me, I highly recommend the book,
The Widow Clicquot!

(Read a review HERE)

Raji Radhakrishnan
Designer, Raji RM and Associates
Washington, DC

 I want to explore more deeply other aspects of design including writing, photography and new products/product design.

2012 COLOR


Raji Is Toasting In The New Year With

A fine champagne or Irish coffee

Carolyn Espley-Miller, aka Slim Paley
Design Blogger, "Slim Paley"
Santa Barbara, CA


My Design Resolution for 2012 is to actually carve out the time to sit and enjoy all of the beautiful coffee table books I have accumulated over the past few years. 
That's "Savage Beauty; Alexander McQueen" on top

 As much as I like the internet, I feel I'm missing the tactile pleasures I used to derive from real books, not just design books, but gardening, art, travel and cookbooks as well. 

2012 COLOR

I'm drawn to "jammy" colours for the new year- aubergine, deep plums, mangosteen; tones that are dark & mysterious.

I'm loving these hues mixed with old reclaimed wood and more masculine materials like slate and oxidized metals.
Slim Is Toasting In The New Year With

Normally, I prefer savory drinks to sweet,  but my new cocktail for ringing in this
 New Year is definitely the
"Toasted Marshmallow Martini"
we perfected over the holiday!

2 parts Smirnoff's marshmallow vodka
 2 parts heavy whipping cream
1 part white creme de cacao
 Shake in ice filled cocktail shaker
Garnish with roasted marshmallow

And that, dear Slim, sounds like a perfect nightcap for our final toast.
Happy, happy New Year again my dear friends of silver and gold!

And thank you again my friends 

Alisa Tarver Berry
Gloria De Lourdes Blalock
Beth Collier
Barbara Jordan Dettweiler
Barry Dixon
Mary Douglas Drysdale
Kathryn Greeley
Greet Lefevre
John Lyle
Mary Helen McCoy
Kevin McLaughlin
Patricia Hart McMillan
Slim Paley
Lissy Parker
KathySue Perdue
Nancy Price
Raji Radhakrishnam
Joe Ruggiero
Gaye Tapp
Mona Thompson
Irene Turner

for your sharing your bounty



  1. Another fabulous post! Sad to see the series end, I so enjoyed following along and also participating. I think you have started your blog off on a wonderful note for the NEW Year, I wish you continued growth and enjoyment,
    Good Life Of Design blog

  2. What a fun idea to kick off the New Year Marilyn!
    Thank you so much for including me in such wonderful company.
    I wish you a multitude of blessings in 2012 and continued success with your blog!


  3. I have loved all the posts. A great idea. I've picked up helpful hints myself. Still amazed to be a part of such a stellar group. Thanks Marilyn. Let's collaborate more in 2012.XO, Mona

  4. Loved this series Marilyn with such a great group!! Cheers!

  5. i loved the post again! These posts have just inspired me beyond measure. Thank you for including me in such a wonderful group.

    xoxo, Lissy

  6. Marilyn, Bravo to all of these great designers who have added their thoughts for a fabulous 2012!! I adore this post!!


    Art by Karena

  7. So glad to meet you & your blog! Loved meeting Nancy & all her beautiful things! Thanks for stopping by RHS!

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