Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Wine: An Infatuation with Saturation

(Language is wine upon the lips.)
                            -Virginia Wolf

OK, this post is NOT about my trip to Charleston
and all the Low Country environs, but
I did visit the Firefly Distillery and Winery there and attend one of their WINE tastings.
Some of this will be in my NEXT post!
I really loved this entrance column
and its greigey look is perfect here!

Yes,  it IS summertime . . .

I DO love neutrals.
 These Axel Vervoold rooms
are beautiful and restful . . .

I love this aesthetic,
the influence which has been so prevalent lately in interior design. 

This Annelle Primos kitchen
makes me want to whip up 
a casual cocktail party for you.

And this fantastic work space
draws me to just draw up something fabulous.

( Read about my 
"Fifty Shades of Greige" HERE)


 I need and I crave COLOR.

A Saturated "Summer Wine" Palette

Madeline Denaro

Lana Del Rey

Saturated Orange

Designer's Guild 
I love ALL their saturated color

Tricia Guild of Designer's Guild is the master of saturated color

Designer's Guild

Designer's Guild Fabrics

Designer's Guild

Saturated Pink

Saturated Purple

one saturated with relaxing fun,

Lana Del Rey
Ready for COLORFUL summer fun

 bright, colorful fashion,

Christian Louboutin sandals

Lana Del Rey

Urban Decay's Super SATURATED Lip Colors

TOO pink for me to wear probably, but I love a well-defined lip,
and so does Lana.  I would wear the SATURATED orange.
Wonder what color an "angel's kiss" would be?


Lyrics from "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey
for "The Great Gatsby"
(More on that coming soon)


Have you had a REAL summer love?
I LOVE the idea! 

Lana Del Rey
If you know me, you know I LOVE romantic RED roses.

I love to do special things for my LOVE,
like dress a silver tray with candles and flowers
around the WINE.

and yes, wine!

OK don't snitch on me, I have LOVED colorful, fruity sangria since high school.
Find my white and summer red sangria recipes at the end of this colorful post.
And, I confess,  I may have just saturated myself with it a time or two!

I have NOT tried this, but I want to!

Summer wine . . .

Lana Del Rey
Her "Summer Wine" starts with strawberries and cherries . . .
 This song has been running through my head for months.
I have finally succumbed!

"Strawberries, cherries . . ."

Great Summer Wine Tastings in Jackson at
Amerigo and my favorite Anjou.
Taste the Pinot Noirs Tuesday, July 23 at Anjou

" . . . and an angel's kiss in spring . . ."
My Spring Four Seasons statue with his flower garland
My Summer Wine is really made from all these things."
My Summer Four Seasons statue with his fruit

Lana Del Rey

Summer Red Sangria

This post was inspired by a lover of Lana Del Rey and
the song "Summer Wine" sung by Lana Del Rey

HEAR and SEE Lana Del Rey sing "Summer Wine" HERE

Wine Popsicles
My perfect summer cool down

And summer COLOR,
Sunny, Sumptuous, Saturated, Summer Color.

Saturated Color = Pure Color. 
Saturated Color = Undiluted Color. 
Saturated Color = Color with a bright hue. 
Saturated Color = Unadulterated Color.

You may begin fooling around with
 saturated color
 as just a breezy tease, 
a fun and lighthearted flirt,
an innocent dance,
a minor infatuation . . .

ISSA London Spring 2013

I adore well composed tabletop vignettes.
TIP: Use books to add a colorful tease where needed.
I design NO room without books.

But soon, things will heat up
and perhaps get way out of hand . . .

LUXE cover

You won't want to, 
and in all likelihood not be able to,
 stop ...

photo by Bruno Suet

You will lose all control 
and find yourself in the midst 
of a full blown, obsessive, passionate affair with saturated color.

An angel's kiss?
There is nothing quite as romantic as a soulful kiss.

and summer COLOR  . . .

infatuate me,
 intoxicate me,

  I NEED a glass of wine . . .

Lana Del Rey
Not only do Lana and I love a well-defined lip,
we also love a sultry, dramatic eye.

Summer Wine . . .

Wine with blackberries and champagne

"Strawberries, cherries, 
an angel's kiss in spring
My summer wine is really 
made from all these things . . .

Take off your silver spurs
and help me pass the time 
And I will give to you summer wine . . ."

And I need you . . .

Those jinglin', stolen silver spurs!
Wouldn't they be somethin' on YOUR boots!
You have to listen to the song "Summer Wine"
by Lana Del Rey and her LOVE Barrie-James O'Neill

for the story!
"Summer Wine" WITH lyrics HERE

I am besotted!

Maybe the infatuation, the obsession,
the intoxication with the saturation, 
will carry over into fall . . .

A single "Summer Wine"  rose for my love

What do you have an
 infatuation with this summer?
Saturated COLOR?
Do tell ME!
I LOVE secrets!

Recipes for MY Summer Wine.
Perhaps YOUR Summer Love will enjoy

Blonde Sangria

1 fifth dry white wine
1 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
1/3 cup orange juice
3 T lemon juice
1 T lime juice
1/4 cup sugar
7 oz of 7-UP

Mix and garnish with fresh pineapple, oranges, lemons, and limes,
and of course a strawberry or cherry or two won't hurt!

Summer Red Sangria

1 quart Chianti
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup sugar
juice of one lemon
28 oz. club soda
1 lemon sliced
2 oranges sliced

Mix and garnish with more lemons and oranges, and limes,
and again toss in a strawberry and a cherry!

I toast YOU!

Would this make good sangria?
I will have to taste it and see.

Has anyone tasted this Dapper Wolf?
I am dying to try it!
 I love the name.

Saturated WOLF
Language IS wine upon the lips.

photo credits: Pinterest, Marilyn Trainor Storey, Christian Louboutin, ClubW, Issa, Designer's Guild, Luxe, Bruno Suet, Jane Hall Design, Elle Decor, Amsterdam Home, Wine and Drama

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